Dino Bytes Services

We repair computers, phones, consoles, tablets and other devices with both software and hardware issues.

Is your computer or phone running slow?
Running out of storage space?

Let us speed it up and maybe save battery too!

From office computers to gaming beasts,
we can build what it takes to make it yours.
We'd be honored to build your custom rig.

Exclusive offer


All healthcare workers in the line of COVID-19 including assisted living facility workers receive 15% off all service until Sep 30


Veterans and active military, police officers, firefighters and EMTs will always have 10% taken off their orders. Thank you!


Promo codes and other in-store promotions cannot be combined.

Lost documents or photos can be devastating. Let us help get them back for you.
Always keep a backup so you don't need us!

Have an old family video tape lying around?
We can convert your VHS to a video file or DVD.

Have your videos last forever!

Security is very important in the current age.

Let us help you figure out the best security solutions for your needs.