Origin of the Dino

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Starting on the PC at the age of 18 months, the founder of Dino Bytes has seen it all.
Whether it was MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 through 10, Mac OS X through macOS, Chrome OS or some Linux distribution, he studied it and wanted to learn more.
Fixing his school's network in 3rd grade, he went on to become their IT manager while still a high schooler.
He later became their sysadmin and Computers & Tech teacher for their elementary and middle school.


His obsession with learning the latest tech continued and fixing computers and other devices on the side wasn't enough.
He wanted his own shop. He wanted to make it his living.

I know this because he's me.


I grew up in a very low income household, always worried if we'd have a roof over our head by the end of the week.
I personally believe money is a means to live but never the reason to do so.
Our prices reflect that and always will.
Yes, this is my living but I'm here to help you walk out with something better.

Technology is always changing and it's extremely important to me to stay up to date on all of it.
Software or hardware that was good to recommend a few months ago might not be good now.
I'm always looking for new things, researching them and testing what works and what doesn't.
Too many times I see software installed by others that may have been recommended 10 years ago but never would be today.
Those programs are missing functions but they can also cause data corruption, slow down the computer or, worse, leave it unsecured.
It's so important to stay ahead in the technology age of today and that will always be a priority of mine.


From crashing to freezing, slow computers to no display, smashed screens and weird sounds, I've worked on it.
I still learn new things almost every day and it's exciting.
The expansion of techology isn't waiting for me. It's my job to keep up with it.


It's also important to me to recognize our active military, veterans, police, firefighters and others first responders.
Your sacrfice does not go unnoticed. You will always receive 10% off our services. Please feel free to bring it up.