Our Services

PC, Mac or Chrome, we'll fix it!
Faulty parts? Viruses? Crashes?
We have your back!

Speed up your computer or phone!
Has your device been slowing down? Is it running out of space? Let us help!

Want raw power? RGB? Speed?
Something better than your friend's? We build to spec and make it happen!

Lost an important file?
A precious family photo disappeared? We can get it back!

Have any old VHS video tapes?
We can put them on a DVD or a file!
View and share your old videos!

We do retro and modern console repair, homebrew installation and other modifications.

Why Should You Choose Dino Bytes?



Unlike larger corporations, we have access to an unlimited amount of tools in order to do what's best for your exact issue at hand.


This freedom allows us to repair a wider range of issues, recommend an outside solution in case it's beyond our abilities
and do more for our clients.

Quality and Competition


While we will always do our best to keep our rates competitive,
we will never sacrifice quality in our work.

Our goal is to make sure your device is working, your project is
finished or that custom PC you've always wanted is running fresh.

Dino Bytes is dedicated to offering affordable services
to our community and beyond.


From computers to phones, tablets to printers and game consoles,
we will do our best to resolve your issue in a speedy yet reliable manner.


Technology is constantly evolving so if you require a service that you don't see listed, feel free to contact us to see if we can help you.

The least we can do is point you in the right direction!

A customer came in with an expensive laptop failing to power on, calling us her last hope after a
well-known chain told her
she needs to buy a new one.

You know what she needed?
A $7 replacement power jack.

We have a computer come in with the customer saying nothing is working.

They were right - programs and folders wouldn't open... you know the fix?


The time and date were wrong.
Fixed the clock and everything worked.

A school had us look at one of
their main lab workstations
because their tech claimed it was
done for and needed to be replaced
but they couldn't afford it.


We reseated the RAM.
The teacher still lets us know it's great :)

Our Most Memorable Repairs

Computer & Device Repair

Speed It Up!

Custom PC Building

Data Recovery

VHS to DVD Conversion

Console Repair/Modding

take your tech beyond.